21 Jan


Sebuah mini album lanjutan dari NUMBERS yang dirilis pada 2015 lalu, NUMBERS PART 2 [DAYS] berisi 4 track baru dari TAKETHISLIFE. Kali ini dengan tema mengenai tanggal-tanggal yang kelam, mini album ini seperti merepresentasikan kegetiran yang pernah kita alami di hari-hari yang lalu, dan bagaimana kita akan terus berjalan maju di hari-hari mendatang. Secara musikal, mini album ini merepresentasikan eksplorasi lebih jauh dari TAKETHISLIFE, dengan influens yang tetap sama namun dengan komposisi yang bisa dikatakan lebih dewasa dan beragam.

Mini album NUMBERS PART 2 [DAYS] akan dirilis pada awal bulan Februari 2017 melalui label Malang MATIxKUTU (versi CD) dan label Jakarta Svara Records (versi kaset).


  1. 12102002
  2. 08032014
  3. 12051998
  4. 26122004

Dengarkan single pertama “08032014” di bandcamp TAKETHISLIFE:


ROAR-001 : Mutant Troopers LP Officially Out NOW!

12 Jan

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Here it is, Mutant Troopers LP, the first physical release from Bulletproof Tiger Records. A compact disc containing 10+ tracks of uninhibited thrashy metallic hardcore punk tunes inspired by campy horror comics and b-movies.


  1. Introduction to Destruction
  2. Bloodwolves, or How I Stop Worrying and Learn to Love The Taste of Flesh
  3. Mars Attack!
  5. Demon Rider
  6. Re-Animator A.K.A Professor Madman
  7. Hollywood Forever Secret Society Club
  8. Night Of The Day Of The Terror Of The Attack Of The Evil Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead
  9. Shaun Of The Dead
  10. The Green Horror Or The Creature From The Dank Lagoon
  11. Manifestor Melawan Waktu

As a first taste, you can listen to Green Horror on our soundcloud page.

Available on a very limited copies. You can get it through Koalisinada or Reka Records.

So is this label dead or what?

30 Oct

This label was started as a net-based label several years ago by me, Julius Bagus, and Agek Gebyar. We released several eps by our friends’ bands who mostly are based in Malang, Indonesia. Due to some reasons and various commitments, we haven’t able to run this net-based label properly.

However, it’s not like we, or I, don’t need this label. Early this year my own band recorded our first album, and when the time comes to put it out, we feel like we don’t know where should we put it out. So it got me thinking, why don’t I relive this label. Now with the growing appreciations on physical releases among scene folks, it seems like a good idea to actually put out some physical release. Of course this doesn’t mean that physical release is better than net-label release, nor vice versa. It’s just feels, at least to me, more proper to put out a physical release that you can hug/grab/sniff/hold dear/actually destroy/etc. I guess this is the reason behind why I decide to resurrect this label, even if only to put out one lousy album by a band that might be gone soon. But what the heck, this is how I wanna do it and I don’t want to lose the fun of it.

So there you go, we, or I, will release the very first Bulletproof Tiger physical record very soon, for Mutant Troopers, a Malang based Thrash/core/what-have-yous. Of course our previous net-based releases will still be there, available free-of-charge, for you to enjoy them. And there might or might not be new releases for the net-based one too. Please stay tuned.


Anizar Yasmeen

Sweet Memories-Japan Melodic Punk

4 Mar

Japan Melodic Punk

Sweet Memories adalah band punk yang terbentuk tahun 21 april 2005. merilis satu mini album pada tahun 2006, berjudul A Soundtrack For Brotherhood, berisi 4 buah lagu. dan tahun 2008 Kompilasi bersama RedSyif : Malang Hari Ini, dengan single Enjoy Your Life.

…Sweet memories adalah Dicky Bacok, gitaran dan bersuara, Teddy Agus bermain bass, bersuara, dan bermain finger board, dan Norman Bahagia pada seksi drum.

Sweet Memories memiliki sound yang dapat dikatakan banyak dipengaruhi oleh band Jpunk macam Dustbox, Hi Standard, BBQ Chicken, etc, dengan karakter yang playful, bright, namun tetap eksploratif di beberapa bagian. EP kedua Swet Memorie ini berisi 7 lagu yang cukup variatif, guaranteed to brighten your days.


Sweet Memories’ brand of bright and happy sounding tunes can be traced back to its roots on Jpunk bands such as Dustbox, Hi Standard, BBQ Chicken, etc. This is their second ep, after the first one, released in 2006. This ep contains 7 diverse pop punk tunes, guaranteed to brighten your days.

go download: Sweet Memories

Bulletproof Tiger Records

10 Feb

Proud to announce the all new Bulletproof Tiger Records, a netlabel based in Malang, Indonesia, aiming to release great music for free.

We have released 6 eps from our great friends in Ceremonial Victory, Rakyat Merdeka, Spiky in Venus, Gang Holiday, Sun & Fun, and Sharkbite.  You can download em all in the albums section.

Stay Wild, Stay Tuned!